Seismo-VLAB  1.3
An Open-Source Finite Element Software for Meso-Scale Simulations
Seismo-VLAB Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the latest-develop version.

Seismo-VLAB is a simple, fast, and extendable C++ multi-platform finite element software designed to optimize meso-scale simulations of dynamic, nonlinear soil-structure interaction (SSI) problems. The software is intended not only to be used by academics researchers in structural and geothecnical field, but also for industries, engineers, students, etc.


  • Dynamic nonlinear solvers for time-domain analyses
  • Cutting-edge parallel linear system solvers
  • Message Passing Interface (MPI) parallelization
  • Domain decomposition (Metis based) for optimal efficiency
  • Perfectly matched layer (PML) absorbing boundary conditions
  • Domain reduction that incorporates wave-field incoherency in truncated computational domains


  • Python
  • C++ compiler
  • MPI enabled
  • MUMPS installed
  • PETSc installed

Getting Started

Probably, the best ways to start using Seismo-VLAB are: